Better with Propane

North Carolina households love propane’s many outstanding uses

For many North Carolina homeowners, propane is the fuel in a metal container attached to a barbecue. But propane has long proven its versatility for warming up homes, heating water, cooking, drying clothes, fueling fireplaces and as an alternative fuel for vehicles. Propane is also used to make petrochemicals, which are the building blocks for plastics, alcohol fibers and cosmetics.

What is propane?

Propane is a naturally occurring co-product of oil refining and natural gas extraction. It exists as a gas at atmospheric pressure but can be liquefied if subjected to moderately increased pressure. This makes it possible to store and transport it in its compressed liquid form. When a valve is opened to release propane from a pressurized storage container, it is vaporized into a gas for use.

Propane is a low-carbon, methane-free, incredibly versatile fuel.

How is propane used in North Carolina homes?

Propane offers superior performance and virtually unmatched efficiency in a range of household uses.

Want to learn more about propane’s environmental impact? Check out our Go Green with Propane page.

We can also provide you with useful propane safety and cylinder safety guidelines.

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