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Propane Payment Programs & Available Options

Our programs to make your propane costs easier to manage!

If you are a residential propane delivery customer, we offer programs that can make your propane costs easier to manage. Our pricing is always competitive, and with our pre-buy plan, you can take advantage of great discounts while locking in a low fuel price for up to a full year.

We know that household fuel costs can add up — especially in seasons of extreme cold — so we offer several flexible payment options designed to put your mind at ease while giving your wallet a rest.

Our Monthly Budget Plan

Instead of paying for your propane each time it is delivered, the budget plan allows you to spread your payments evenly throughout the year. We calculate your expected annual propane cost based on your home’s previous usage and divide this amount into 12 equal payments, which start July 1 and run through June 30. Best of all, K.B. Johnson Oil & Gas’ Budget Residential Propane Plan carries no additional fees or service charges, meaning that you will always know exactly how much you are paying.

Pre-Buy Residential Propane Delivery Plan

Our Pre-Buy plan locks in your propane price, allowing you to purchase a whole heating season’s supply of propane fuel at a lower than market rate. With this plan, your rate is locked in and guaranteed, so no matter how volatile fuel prices become, you won’t pay a penny more. Our Pre-Buy customers also enjoy a discount over our standard fuel rates, ensuring that you have access to the best residential propane pricing in Central North Carolina.

Automatic Delivery

If you are an Auto Delivery customer, K.B. Johnson Oil & Gas will estimate your propane usage and schedule deliveries when our system indicates you need a fill. We calculate your propane needs using advanced computer modeling, a system that has proven reliable and effective for all of our automatic delivery customers. With automatic delivery service, you will never even have to call us to schedule your fuel delivery order because, before you can even think of it, we’ll be there.

Will-Call Propane Delivery

If you prefer, you can have your propane delivered on a will-call basis. You gauge your usage and tank level, and then call K.B. Johnson Oil & Gas to schedule a fill only when you need it. If you have only a few propane-powered appliances, such as a grill, fire pit, fireplace or outdoor heaters, will-call propane delivery is usually the best choice for you because it’s hard to calculate how much propane you will use each month.

To learn more, call K.B. Johnson directly or sign up for residential propane delivery today.

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