Posted: September 20, 2023

Get Ahead of the Game with a Fall Propane Delivery

Fill your propane tank before the winter arrives.

propane delivery holly springs, nc If you look around Wake, Harnett, Johnston, Chatham and Lee Counties these days, you’ll notice all the hallmarks of fall: turning leaves on the trees, Carolina Panthers on the field and pumpkin-spiced coffee in people’s hands.

After a lovely summer, we can expect to see temperatures dropping and some chilly nights in the future.

If your home depends on efficient, clean-burning propane gas, then K.B. Johnson can ensure your tank never runs out. And the fall is an excellent time to contact us for a propane delivery.

Why should you arrange a fall propane delivery?

Once winter rolls around, we often see propane prices rise as demand increases for homes and businesses. If you reach out to us in the early- to mid-autumn, you have the best chance of saving money on your propane rate.

You’ll also have a better selection of delivery appointments when you arrange it today. Once those nighttime temperatures drop in late fall and winter and many households suddenly realize they need fuel, our drivers will be much busier. Arrange your propane delivery now and find the best timeslot for your schedule.

How to remove any stress from your propane deliveries

What does your household use propane for? Space heating, hot water, cooking, clothes drying, gas fireplaces and many other home products run on the fuel we deliver. Our goal is always to get you your propane easily, affordably and safely. To that end, we offer some fantastic residential programs to our customers.

With our free Automatic Delivery plan, K.B. Johnson handles all the planning for you. We can track your usage based on the propane products in your home and local weather patterns. Then, we schedule your next delivery in advance.

You can also enroll for free in our Monthly Budget Plan, which stabilizes your fuel billing. We calculate your expected annual propane usage and then divide the cost into equal installments throughout the year. You’ll never have to worry that next month’s fuel costs will be higher than expected.

Finally, we offer customers the opportunity to purchase their whole heating season’s fuel early with our Pre-Buy Residential Propane Delivery Plan. You will enjoy a discount over our standard fuel rates and lock in your propane rate for the season. If market prices rise, you’ll be protected!

K.B. Johnson is always here for your family.

For over 100 years, our company has ensured the comfort and safety of homes and businesses in central North Carolina. A lot has changed since our founding, but our commitment to our customers will never change. You are more than a customer to us — you’re our neighbor. Taking care of a neighbor means always being there when they have an emergency call. When other propane companies get overwhelmed and stop responding to customer requests, we are always at our phones and ready to deliver your fuel.

Get the propane delivery service you deserve. Become a K.B. Johnson customer today.