Posted: May 13, 2024

What Is A Propane tank Lease?

A smart way to get a propane tank

propane tank Willow Springs, NC Many of us lease cars. This is an incredibly common thing to do. And unless you own your home, chances are you lease it. But did you know that you could also lease a propane tank?

How a propane tank lease works

Yes, you can purchase a propane tank and own it outright. However, leasing a propane tank is an alternative option with great benefits.

A propane tank lease through a propane provider is essentially the same thing as renting a propane tank. At K.B. Johnson Oil & Gas Co., you can lease a top of the line propane tank from us for an affordable fee. When a tank is leased from us, we install it, maintain it and repair it as well. Plus, we can easily replace a rental tank if you suddenly find that you need something bigger.

When you lease a propane tank you avoid costly purchasing expenses in addition to installation fees, maintenance fees and paying for any necessary repairs. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about the hassle of obtaining permits. Here at K.B. Johnson, we take care of all of that! We will also let you know when the tank you are leasing from us is due for a replacement.

The different propane tank sizes

if you are thinking about leasing a propane tank, the K.B. Johnson team can work with you to figure out what size tank you will need to power and fuel your appliances and equipment.

We have a wide variety of propane tank sizes that can work for smaller homes that are just powering a few appliances with propane to larger homes or commercial spaces that are using propane for their heating systems.

Here is a look at what we have in stock:

Lease your propane tank from K.B. Johnson Oil & Gas Co.

If you are in Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Eastern Lee and Eastern Chatham Counties in North Carolina and are looking to lease a propane tank, K.B. Johnson can help. We offer propane tank services all throughout the area!

Contact K.B. Johnson today for more information regarding propane tank leases, tank installations and propane deliveries.