Posted: January 15, 2024

Where Does Propane Come From?

A look at the fuel’s origins, its benefits and what it can do

propane Holly Springs, NC Many of us use propane appliances and equipment on a very regular and sometimes even daily basis. And while we may be familiar with how these appliances and pieces of equipment work, that doesn’t necessarily mean we know very much about propane itself.

The origins of propane

Propane is a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining (otherwise known as crude oil refining). At atmospheric pressure it is a gas, but if and when that pressure increases it can become liquefied. It is kept in liquid form for storage and transportation purposes. However, propane can easily vaporize into a gas – all you need to do is release it through a valve on a pressurized storage container. It can be made from a few different liquid components such as butane, methane and ethane.

Why use propane

Propane and propane appliances are becoming increasingly popular among both home and business owners. Part of the reason why is because the gas offers some really beneficial advantages.

Curious to know what those advantages are? Here’s a look at a few:

Ways to use propane

As mentioned above, propane is extremely versatile. It can do a whole lot around a home or commercial space. Here are a few ways propane can be used:

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